A common misconception about making money in crypto is that you need money to “start” or invest. While this may maybe true in some instances, certainly is not in all cases. In this article, we will explore ways you can make money in crypto without investing a dime. There is a lot of money to be made if you have the time to learn a few things and know where to look for free money.

This is ideal especially if you are very averse to taking risks – the crypto market is generally very volatile or you currently do not have some cash to spare in any form of crypto investment. You can still get your own slice of the over 1.2 Trillion dollar market. The following are some categories of activities that can earn you good money.

  1. Airdrops
  2. Bounties
  3. Bugs

1. Airdrops

Airdrops are the “freebies” of the crypto ecosystem. They are given mostly by crypto projects that are just being launched as a way of incentivizing users to use the platforms. They can be very substantial, running into several thousand dollars in some cases. Aptos for example gave out tokens worth about $2000 per wallet user simply for using their Testnets

Other projects like Blurr, Optimism, and Arbitrum airdropped tokens worth several thousands of dollars to users who simply interacted with the platform (sometimes paying a few bucks as gas fees for the transactions). There are always opportunities to participate in airdrops as new projects are being launched. (See Top 5 Airdrops for 2023) Airdrops come in different forms, some of these are highlighted below

1.1. Testnets

These are projects in development, more like prototypes of what the actual project will be like when eventually launched (Mainnet). They help give feedback to the developer of the project so that errors can be corrected and improvements made. You generally will need a crypto wallet to interact with the Testnet. The project will often provide you with free Testnet tokens to try out their DApps.

Some Testnets you should definitely check out are

Sui Network


zKSync Testnet and

Linea Testnet

1.2 Crypto Quests

These are community tasks that can be accessed through the discord channel of many upcoming crypto projects. Completion of such quests or tasks helps you gain some roles assigned or badges assigned to you within the Discord community. Such roles usually make you eligible for an airdrop when the project eventually launches.

You will find many crypto quests at

Some current active quests you should check are




Braavos Wallet




You will normally need to have a Twitter account and a Discord account to join.

1.3 Dapps And Platforms

Actual usage of crypto platforms particularly as an early adopter will usually qualify you to be a recipient of an airdrop. Such usage or interactions will typically include using bridges to deposit tokens to the project blockchain, trading on the platforms, staking, lending for a brief period of time, etc, and using the different DApps that are part of the project ecosystem.

The downside is that you will incur some transaction costs or gas fees for using the platform but they are usually very small; from some cents to a few dollars. ( See HOW TO MAKE $10,000 FROM ZKSYNC AIRDROP IN 2023)

1.4 Running a Simple Crypto Node

Nodes are used to secure a network and there are usually rewards or incentives for running one for a project. They can involve the use of some hardware resources. However, there are some simple crypto projects that are easy to run nodes on, with no sophisticated equipment – just maybe some simple installation on your device. The instructions are usually specifically stated for running the node.

Be aware of the potential risks that can come with installing any software on your device and the drain it can have on your device’s performance. (HOW TO STAY SAFE FROM CRPTO PHISHING SCAMS)

2. Bounties

Bounties are tasks that are performed for a crypto project in return for some tokens or payments. The task will usually involve doing some online promotion or creating awareness about the projects. The tasks may be sharing posts on Twitter, content creation, video or youtube tasks, joining telegram groups, etc

Take some time to check the quality of the project, the integrity of the team, etc before you choose to do any form of promotion for them. This is to reduce the chances of promoting a scam, which is prevalent in the crypto space. Some of the best places to get bounties for crypto projects is as follows


This is arguably the best forum for all things cryptocurrency. It was founded by the Creator of Bitcoin itself – Satoshi Nakamoto. It is one of the best places to look for crypto project bounties. You will need to create an account on and pay the small Bitcoin fee to activate your account, then go to the bounty section to view the list of projects that have bounties. is also a great place to learn about Bitcoin and crypto in general and offers various earning opportunities through various tasks. It is a beehive of activities. There are people that make a living from services rendered to projects on the forum.

Typical bounties are classified as campaigns and they may include

  1. Social Media Campaigns – Using social media accounts such as Twitter, and Facebook to make promotions.
  2. Translation Campaigns – Translating project white paper to other languages
  3. Content Creation Campaigns – Creating blogs or youtube videos to promote projects.
  4. Bug Reporting Campaigns – Finding bugs
  5. Bitcointalk Signature Campaigns – Using your ranking in the forum to run a promotion
  6. Graphics and Meme Campaign

2.2 Specific Projects

You can also contact a project team to do some promotional work for them, especially if you are an influencer or have a large social media following. Most project teams can be reached via their discord channel. You may be required to submit a proposal on how you can achieve this.

3. Bugs

Bugs are errors or vulnerabilities in the codes of crypto projects that can cause harm to the running of the project or to users of the platform. You generally will need to be knowledgeable in the technical details to find them. Projects are more than happy when you find one and report it to them for some decent reward. They bug bounties for most projects and you can join them for some decent rewards. You can find bug bounties across different platforms. Below are some examples

3.1 Hackathons

These are special events designed to find bugs. There are lots of them and always open for you to work on. Check out for some bounties.

3.2 Gitcoin

This is a community designed for the funding of public goods particularly within the Ethereum ecosystem. There are active projects you can work on, including finding bugs in existing ones. It has support and sponsorship from major crypto projects and personnel.


The crypto market is full of opportunities, You can make a living in the industry without investing your own money. You be a part of several crypto communities and participate in a community quest to earn an airdrop, you can be part of an early adopter of a project and participate in Testnets and other similar activities to earn tokens as airdrops.

You can also lend your skills in various ways to promote projects or find bugs. Content creators, influencers, coders, Graphics, or generally someone who can put in the time to be an active member of different crypto communities and forums. Your goal is to find something that suits you from the myriad of opportunities and then devote time to make it work. You can join the many who make a living in the industry.


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